Apparatus and Methods for a Software-Controlled Synthetic Phase Mask via Radiance Function Measurement

Technology #ua16-198

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Harrison Barrett
Professor, Optical Sciences
Luca Caucci
Assistant Professor, Radiology
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Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579

Title: Apparatus and Methods for a Software-Controlled Synthetic Phase Mask


Invention:  This technology measures and uses a radiance function to optimize an optical system to its phase mask. This function does not limit end users to a specific type of phase mask, thus providing the user with more flexibility. In addition, the radiance function data can be processed to emulate any phase mask and therefore works with a mask in an existing system while still producing improved imagery.


Background: A common method for extending the depth of field of an optical instrument uses a cubic phase mask placed between the objective lens and the detector. Typical cubic phase masks require high-precision manufacturing, alignment, and testing.  Once fabricated, the phase mask cannot be altered or easily replaced within a system, and has no option for the final user to tune the system and achieve a desired trade-off between resolution, minimum depth of field, magnification, etc.



  • Medical imaging
  • Optical system simulation



  • Does not require cubic phase masks to be completely accurate, as it can simulate the phase mask being used
  • Easily delivered to the end user
  • Eliminates the need for precision manufacturing
  • Improved imaging of biological samples
  • System agnostic


Licensing Manager:

Amy Phillips

refer to case number UA16-198