New Advances in the Inverse Vulcanization of Sulfur With Unconventional Comonomers for Free Radical Copolymerizations to Afford Copolymers of Higher Molecular Weight and Enhanced Functionality

Technology #ua16-201

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Dong-chul (jeffrey) Pyun
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Laura Silva

Title: Improvements in Inverse Vulcanization of Sulfur


Invention: The invention describes a faster and more efficient method of polymerizing sulfur with various copolymers to increase the structural stability and electrochemistry of the resulting polymer compound. In addition, this technology is able to to confer additional properties for use in battery production.


Background: Sulfur vulcanization is used to strengthen existing polymer compounds. Researchers at the University of Arizona set out to improve the structural features of existing sulfur copolymers prepared via inverse vulcanization. Throughout their research, they sought to prepare polymers with high molecular weight and improved functionality.



  • Energy storage (Lithium-Sulfur batteries)
  • Creation of flame resistant compounds
  • Structural strengthening



  • Faster than standard vulcanization
  • Potential to create greater electrochemical properties for energy storage applications
  • Cost effective due to the abundance of sulfur


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Laura Silva

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