Connected Vehicle Parking Access System (Cvpass)

Technology #ua16-206


With the potential to be universal, the Connected Vehicle Parking Access System (CVPASS) is an on-board unit, or vehicle, with the ability to communicate wirelessly to infrastructure for parking, toll roads, etc. System can be used for parking lots and areas that have been previously approved and programed into the device by the infrastructure’s management. The invention is meant to replace the electronic tag that most, if not all, parking systems and toll areas already use.



In the future, connected vehicles will be equipped for wireless vehicle-to-vehicle (v2v) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (v2i) communications. This system consisting of hardware, software, firmware and wireless communication allows for the transfer of data between vehicles, as well as between vehicles and infrastructure. The invention will eliminate the need for the electronic tag system that is currently used in many parking facilities while improving safety and offering environmental benefits.


•       Wireless communication from vehicle to infrastructure

•       Payment system

•       Receiving and processing information

•       Provide travelers traffic data in real time

•       Eliminate need for electronic tag system



•       Greater efficiency than current methods

•       Environmental benefits

•       Increase safety

•       Convenient


Licensing Manager: 

Bob Sleeper