Photo Multiplier System Using High Power, Pure Sinusoidal LED Driver With Temperature Stabilization Feedback

Technology #ua16-209

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Janet Roveda
Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jerrie Fairbanks
Graduate Assistant, Teaching, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Linda Powers
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Robert Sleeper
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Title: High Power, Configurable, Picosecond LED Drive


Invention: This technology uses an LED to achieve the same imaging results as a laser source, without damaging the tissues.


Background: Laser sources are the current standard in fluorescent imaging techniques, but lasers can damage tissue samples over time. The technology presented here is based on a technique used in high energy physics for scintillation counting, which optimizes the transient recording of fluorescence using the gating paradigm of photomultiplier tubes (PMT) for use in biology. Therefore, this technology is powerful enough to accomplish what current laser excitation can, without the tissue damage over time.



  • Fluorescence instrumentation (measuring concentration changes, particularly in biological samples for this invention)
  • Detection of gas changes
  • Mining



  • The LED used in this prototype decreases the occurrence of degradation
  • LEDs have low power and broad spectrum relative to lasers
  • The absorption spectrum of LED can be better matched than lasers and
  • Capable of minimizing photobleaching


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Bob Sleeper

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