Water Quality Calculator and Irrigation Risk Assessment Mobile App

Technology #ua16-222

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Dametreea Carr
Graduate Assistant, Maricopa Agriculture Ctr
Channah Rock
Associate Professor/Specialist, Soil/Water and Environmental Science
Akrum Tamimi
Associate Research Professor, Soil water & Environmental Science
Kelly Bright
Associate Research Scientist, Soil, Water & Environmental Science
Charles Gerba
Professor, Soil, Water & Environmental Science
Linda Harris
Specialist in Cooperative Education, Food Science and Technology
Rupinder Mashiana
Staff Research Associate, Western Center for FOod Safety
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574

Title: Water Quality Calculator and Irrigation Risk Assessment Mobile App


Invention: The technology is a mobile app to help farmers make better decisions in allocating water for agricultural use. This app provides real-time irrigation advice and a comprehensive approach to determining the quality of water.


Background: Approximately thirty to forty percent of the world’s food comes from irrigation water, and while only a fraction of water used in irrigation is sourced from public water utilities, increased agricultural activity in the US, driven by growth in crop prices, has increased farmers' demand for water. With heightened demand for water and a diminishing supply, farmers would benefit from assessment tools that aid in decision making to produce more food in a sustainable manner. 


  • Agricultural industry
  • Government departments
  • Agricultural research centers



  • Includes a geometric mean (geomean) and statistical threshold value calculator to determine if the quality of the water source meets the national standard
  • Can predict the probability of contamination by using the Arizona Meteorological Network weather information, historical sampling data, and user input responses
  • Can provide advice to improve irrigation practices based on calculated lab data and the probability of contamination


Licensing Manager:

Lewis Humphreys


(520) 626-1213