Pharmacogenomics of Intergenic SNPs and in Silico Modeling for Precision Therapy

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Haiquan Li
Research Associate Professor, Medicine
Joanne Berghout
Research Assistant Professor, Medicine
Ikbel Achour
Director, Precision Health, Medicine
Yves Lussier
Associate Director, Medicine
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Rakhi Gibbons
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Title: Pharmacogenics of Intergenic SNPs and in Silico Modeling for Precision Therapy


Invention: A method for analyzing a single patient’s DNA and modeling how mutations and variations in intra-cell genomics will be expressed in the body. The information may be used to develop highly personalized therapies without the need for huge experimental data sets.


Background: Personalized medicine is the next frontier in therapeutics. Unfortunately, highly specific therapies are virtually incompatible with traditional research methods, which focus on generalized efficacy in cohort-level studies. Because of this, inventors at the University of Arizona sought to create a method that personalized therapeutic profiles using data from only the individual patient. Without the need for cohort-level data, therapies can be more efficiently tailored to a patient’s genome and, more importantly, the specific effects of the disease on their genome and vice versa.



  • Target critical pathways for drug therapies
  • Development of personalized medicine based on personal genetic mutations/variations
  • Research links between genetic variations and disease pathologies



  • Employs single-subject data analysis by only requiring information about the patient
  • Capable of using as few as two disease-affected cells
  • Considers intra-cellular genetic heterogeneity
  • Accounts for cell-to-cell variations and how these variations affect gene expression in the body as a whole


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Rakhi Gibbons

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