A Method for Adapting the Clear Channel Assessment Threshold to Support Wi-Fi/lte-U Coexistence

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Mohammed Hirzallah
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Wessam Afifi Ahmed
Graduate Assistant, Research, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Marwan Krunz
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Title: A Method for Adapting the Clear Channel Assessment Threshold to Support Wi-Fi/LTE-U Coexistence


Invention: The invention is a method for adapting the clear channel assessment threshold in Wi-Fi systems so as to enable coexistence between Wi-Fi and LTE over a shared spectrum.

Background: The rapid increase in wireless demand prompted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to open up parts of the 5 GHz band for unlicensed access. This opening peaked the interest of 4G LTE providers who were looking into extending their LTE-A services to the unlicensed spectrum through LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U). In LTE-U, small-cell base stations aggregate the unlicensed and licensed spectrum to increase the link throughput. The unlicensed portion of the 5 GHz band is also used by Wi-Fi and LTE-U since the access mechanisms of these two systems are different and thus cause high collision rates, latency and unfairness. The technology presented here corrects the problem facing multiple companies and organizations in bettering the future of LTE and Wi-Fi use.



  • Wi-Fi & LTE-U coexistence for use in areas with Wi-Fi
  • Mobile networks



  • Wi-Fi/LTE-U coexistence offers higher internet capacity and coverage along with enhanced used experience with less chance of interference or interruptions
  • Increases fairness between Wi-Fi and LTE users
  • Assists Wi-Fi stations (STAs) to quickly detect and identify collocated interference such as intra-basic service sets (BSS), inter-BSS and LTE-U
  • Reduces the blocking probability for Wi-Fi STAs and LTE-U user equipment, which prevents outages for both Wi-Fi and LTE-U systems


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