Foldable Feed Structures for Use With Reflector Antennas

Technology #ua17-007

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Christopher Walker
Professor, Astronomy
Managed By
John Geikler
Asst. Director, Physical Science Licensing (520) 626-4605

Title: Foldable Feed Structures For Use With Reflector Antennas


Invention: This invention is related to Spherical Balloon Reflectors for Space Based Applications (UA15-195), a spherical cubesat reflector that provides a large aperture and high gain with very low mass and small stowed volume enabling 100 to 1,000x data rate improvement over an ultra-wide field of view using a foldable feed structure. The design is highly scalable.


Background:  Rather than using large, high power satellites from geosynchronous orbits, cubesat constellations enable low cost global coverage from low earth orbit. This invention provides a high data rate platform across a wide field of view that offers significant improvement in reliability and cost compared to parabolic antennas.



  • Internet/telecommunications
  • Earth resources
  • Secure datalinks
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • Global coverage via cubesat constellations



  • High speed data rates
  • Low cost
  • Global coverage


John Geikler

(520) 626-4605