Instantaneous Phase Shifting Deflectometry

Technology #ua17-018

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Isaac Trumper
PhD Student, Optical Sciences
Dae wook Kim
Assistant Professor, Optical Sciences
Managed By
Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579

Title: Instantaneous Phase Shifting Deflectometry to Measure Bends on an Objects Surface


Invention: This technology is a device that instantaneously measures the slope of a surface. Modeled on the iOS smartphone platform, this device emits a light pattern towards an object and records the optical information reflected back in order to identify deflections in the object’s surface shape.


Background: Current deflectometry methods compare multiple patterns measured in succession to generate a model understanding of the surface being measured. This method is limited to measuring static objects because any change in the surface that is being recorded results in information being multiplexed in the time domain. The improved method of phase shifting patterns detailed here allows for instantaneous measurements to be taken and recorded in changing environments. 



  • Measurement of the bending modes of large objects
  • Measurement of visible waves
  • Identification of changes in surface tension



  • Operable on iOS smartphone platform, making it mobile and easy to use
  • Records instantaneous, real-time measurements
  • Measures dynamic events in changing environments


Licensing Manager:

Amy Phillips

Refer to case number UA17-018