SMART Suite 5.0: Mining Communication & Sensor Network, Hardware & Software

Technology #ua17-023

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Moe Momayez
Associate Professor, Mining & Geological Engineering
Mary Poulton
Professor, Director, Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources, Mining & Geological Engineering/Geosciences
Sergio Cardona
Founder and President
Managed By
Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604

Title: SMART Suite 5.0: Mining Communication & Sensor Network, Hardware & Software


Invention: The invention consists of sensors that are able to detect components of worker safety, mine air quality, geolocation tracking, communication and ground stabilization detection. The sensors utilize a System for Managing Advanced Response Technology (SMART) designed for mine-wide distributed sensing, monitoring and real-time communication.


Background: In 2015, twenty-three deaths occurred in mining incidents. Unfortunately there is no technology currently available in the interest of proper miner health and safety monitoring. The technology presented here allows for miner vital statistic monitoring, ambient air quality detection, provides a lifeline network for evacuation and emergency response, ground stability detection, geolocation tracking of workers and equipment, and improved communication.



  • Asset tracking, personnel tracking and health vitals monitoring
  • Ventilation, pressure, temperature and atmospheric gas monitoring and detection
  • Rock mass condition and characterization analyses
  • Mine Safety, Monitoring and Assessment (SMART Suite 5.0)
  • Agriculture Monitoring and Assessment (SMART Farm 5.0)
  • Water Condition Monitoring and Assessment (SMART H20 5.0)
  • Logistics Planning, Monitoring, and Assessment (SMART Move 5.0)
  • Smart home sensors
  • Energy efficiency monitoring
  • DoD underground monitoring



  • Sensors are platform agnostic
  • Tracks data real time
  • Currently the only multi-faced sensor available to track equipment, personnel and environmental factors simultaneously
  • More efficient and effective than conventional methods
  • Increases safety compliance
  • Reduces workplace incidents
  • Increases supervision of operations
  • Provides a lifeline network for evacuation and emergency response


Licensing Manager:

Robert Sleeper

(520) 626-4604