Robust Biomimetic Diiron Catalysts for Hydrogen Production

Technology #ua17-025

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Richard Glass
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dennis Lichtenberger
Professor, 26 Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Laura Silva

Title: Robust Biomimetic Diiron Catalysts for Hydrogen Production


Invention: This invention is a method to prolong the lifetime of biomimetic diiron catalysts for hydrogen production. The catalyst is necessary in breaking down and extracting hydrogen from compounds that it is naturally found in.


Background: Biomimetic diiron can be used as a catalyst to produce molecular hydrogen through enzymatic reactions. However, these biomimetic diiron complexes are not stable enough to be efficiently used on an industrial scale. The major issue is that the synthetic diiron catalyst breaks down during the reaction, limiting the production. The improved diiron catalyst proposed here will be more stable, reducing its limitations and making it a viable option for producing hydrogen fuel on an industrial scale.



  • Prolongment of lifetime for synthetic catalysts



  • Creation of a stronger catalyst can produce molecular hydrogen efficiently at an industrial level
  • A stable diiron catalyst is much cheaper than other rare metallic catalysts like platinum
  • Increases use of Hydrogen fuel as a clean energy alternative


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Laura Silva

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