Viable Catalyst for the Production of Molecular Hydrogen

Technology #ua17-027

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Richard Glass
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dennis Lichtenberger
Professor, 26 Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Laura Silva

Title: Viable Catalyst for the Production of Molecular Hydrogen

Invention: The invention is a thiophene containing ligands supporting a biomimetic catalytic electrochemical process to produce hydrogen gas. The method describes a combination of a transition metal catalyst mimicking hydrogenase enzymes and an organic acid to reduce a proton at the active site.

Background: Current hydrogen production methods rely on natural gas or sulfur for production. There is a need for an efficient, renewable source to meet projected future demand for hydrogen fuel.


  • Renewable energy industry
  • Hydrogen fuel
  • Automotive industry
  • Transportation industry


  • Zero greenhouse gases
  • Renewable source
  • Low cost
  • Greater efficiency
  • High flexibility to scale

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