Development of a Multichannel Carbon Fiber Electrode Array for Electrochemical Measurements

Technology #ua17-030

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James Siegenthaler
Graduate student
Michael Heien
Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Managed By
Laura Silva

Title: Development of Multichannel Carbon Fiber Electrode Array for Electrochemical Measurements


Invention: This invention is a multichannel array of carbon fiber electrode sensors capable of simultaneously recording dopamine levels and neural activity across different brain regions. This will provide a comprehensive reading of chemical and neural transmitter reactions occurring within the brain during various activities.


Background: Current carbon fiber microelectrode sensors are singular making scanning results limited to the localization of the sensor. Multiple scans must be done in order to gather an encompassing view of brain activity. Multiple scans, one after another also subject the tests to variation because they are being performed at different times. A multichannel array allows multiple electrode sensors to span different regions of brain function and get an inclusive measurement.



  • Measurement of chemical signaling across brain regions
  • Understanding neural basis for learning and decision-making
  • Identify impact of neurotransmitter release during behavior
  • Comparisons of function in different parts of the brain



  • Simultaneously records neurotransmitter release and the resulting activity function
  • Allows measurements to be taken of a wider scope of brain activity


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Laura Silva

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