A Novel Approach to Single-Cell Amperometry Using an All-Polymer Microfluidic Chip

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Marco Matteucci
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Rafael Taboryski
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Adam Meier
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Richard Vreeland
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Michael Heien
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Title: A Novel Approach to Single Cell Amperometry Using an All-Polymer Microfluidic Chip


Invention: The invention describes a novel manufacturing method for a chip that can perform amperometry on a cellular level. This chip can capture single cells and measure electrochemical output. The current design is calibrated towards dopamine release.


Background: Single cell amperometry is a powerful technique that can measure the neurochemical release from a cell. Existing techniques rely on manual fabrication and positioning of electrodes to achieve usable results. The invention described here would eliminate the need for manual fabrication.



  • A cell analysis apparatus
  • A diagnostic tool/service to sample a series of cells to identify what electrochemical anomalies are present



  • Does not need to be manually fabricated and can be automated, allowing the invention to be more cost effective in the long run, which makes more efficient and controlled measurements
  • Possesses the potential to create a chip that can be used to study cells in bulk for accurate electrochemical measurements


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