Online Preservation of Microdialysis

Technology #ua17-035

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Catherine Kramer
Graduate student, CBC
Nicholas Laude
Graduate Assistant, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Michael Heien
Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574

Title: Online Preservation of Microdialysis


Invention: The invention describes the use of glycosylated peptides to permeate the blood brain barrier (BBB). Current use cases include angiotensin derivatives and vasoactive intestinal peptide.


Background: Neurological compounds typically need to access the brain to achieve their effect. Due to the BBB, only specific classes of compounds can successfully achieve this, limiting neurological drug construction. This invention offers a means of working around that principle by using glycosylation to mark certain compounds safe for BBB passage.



  • Drug delivery platform
  • Drug manufacturing



  • Allows for high permeation of compounds across the BBB, leading to an amplification of effects
  • Increases the durability of certain compounds by preventing enzymatic degradation
  • Can be invoked in the synthesis step for compounds, allowing said compounds to traverse the BBB to interact with neurons


Licensing Manager:

Paul Eynott

(520) 471-2687