Low Cost Device for Real Time Rodent Physiology Monitoring

Technology #ua17-036

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Michael Heien
Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Managed By
Lewis Humphreys
Licensing Manager (520) 626-2574

Title: Portable Electrochemical Measurement Device


Invention: This is technology is a portable “electronic anesthesiologist” that is engineered and designed to automate and standardize the collection of respiratory rate in sedated laboratory animals.


Background: Making in vivo measurements of neurological systems requires surgical procedures for the implantation of electrochemical and mechanical probes. To ensure safe operating conditions, the test subject is sedated and to verify that the anesthesia is being administered at a safe and effective rate, the subject’s respiratory rate is monitored. Currently, the respiratory rate of the subject is measured by direct observation and counting by a laboratory technician, a time consuming task that is prone to human error. This device tracks the breath of sedated lab rats to ensure safe operating conditions for the animal and the surgeon



  • Laboratory research animals


  • Displays both the average and instantaneous breath rate of the animal via an onboard screen
  • Calculates average breath rate by taking the rolling average of the previous 25 seconds of breath rate data
  • Calculates instantaneous breath rate from the previous two breaths
  • Device screen flashes and changes color if the animal’s breath rate moves above or below a safe limit to alert the surgeon that the animal is in possible distress
  • Costs only $150 to produce


Licensing Manager:

Paul Eynott


(520) 471-2687