National Center for Interpretation Deaf Interpreter Certification Examination

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Ctr Interpretation Test & Rsch
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Title: National Center for Interpretation Deaf Interpreter Certification Examination


Invention: The ASL Proficiency Test and Deaf Interpreter Performance Test ensures that deaf interpreters have the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities to competently perform their duties. The qualifications, according to the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers, for a deaf interpreter should include:

  • Cultural mediation skills
  • Knowledge of team interpreting protocols
  • Advanced interpreting proficiency - including mirroring, expansion, and VGC skills
  • The ability to incorporate props and environment into the interpreting process
  • ASL and English and semi- or non-lingual communications systems


Background: Deaf interpreters are important in helping a large percentage of deaf or hard of hearing individuals to fully communicate in legal, medical, social service, and other settings. A deaf interpreter often works with a certified hearing interpreter to help them understand the idiosyncratic language of the deaf. Therefore there is a need for a certification to ensure interpreters are of the highest quality.



  • Translation services
  • Legal services
  • Medical services



  • Provides a valid, reliable, and standardized certification exam
  • Increases training opportunities


Licensing Manager:

Lewis Humphreys

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