Small Caliber, Large Sample Size, Electrocautery and Vacuum Assist Needle Biopsy Devise for Percutaneous Use

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Michael Larson
Resident Physician, Medical Imaging
Charles Hennemeyer
Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging, Radiology
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Lisa Lin
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Title: Small Caliber, Large Sample Size, Electrocautery and Vacuum Assist Needle Biopsy Device


Invention: Inventors at the University of Arizona have created an advanced biopsy device that allows for a large volume of tissue to be harvested with minimal risk of bleeding and other complications. The device consists of a needle-deployable wire that cuts tissue via electrocautery in a corkscrew manner to extract a spiral column of tissue.


Background: In patients being diagnosed with cancer, a biopsy allows clinicians to personalize treatment based on specific cancer characteristics at multiple points during therapy. The difficulty with using biopsies to perform molecular or genetic testing to personalized treatments is that a large amount of tissue is needed. The current solution to extract a large amount of tissue requires multiple passes of a standard biopsy device through the tumor mass in question. Using multiple passes increases procedural times as well as the risk for a complication like bleeding to occur. Thus, a biopsy device that can harvest a large amount of tissue with a single pass is desired.



  • Cancer diagnosis
  • Molecular and genetic testing



  • Minimizes complications
  • Shortens procedural times
  • Simplifies large sample size extraction


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Lisa Lin

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