Obstetrics Critical Care VR Training Volume 1, Episodes 1 & 2

Technology #ua17-108

Title: Virtual Reality Technology Used to Provide Experiential Education in the Management of Obstetric Critical Care Emergencies


Invention: The invention is a series of educational videos created to be viewed with virtual reality (VR) technologies to provide an experiential learning experience specific to crisis management for obstetric care providers.

Background: VR technology is poised to be a disruptive technology that will change the education of health care. VR technology can empower faculty to teach with a focus on increasing resources on monitoring learning physicians in critical thinking, pattern recognition, situational awareness, and comprehensive care instead of didactic knowledge.


  • Universities and community colleges
  • Academic hospitals
  • Video games
  • Distance learning



  • Provides an immersive “hands-on” experience
  • Helps to build practical experience with trial and error
  • Increases the number of students to faculty members


Licensing Manager:

John Geikler


(520) 626-4605