Reworkable UV Curable Thermosets Based on 7-Glycidyloxycoumarin Dimers

Technology #ua17-109

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Alyssa Ellsworth
Graduate student, 26 Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nancy Odegaard
Conservator, Arizona State Museum
Pamela Vandiver
Professor, MSE
Kevin Frederick
Graduate Assistant, Materials Science & Engr
Douglas Loy
Professor, 20 Materials Science & Engineering
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Robert Sleeper
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This invention focuses on epoxy thermosets that are developed by UV curing epoxy monomers with coumarin dimer.



This invention focuses on a new process for epoxy thermosets to be prepared– curing the epoxy monomers with coumarin dimer bridging groups between epoxide groups that are cured with commercial hardeners. Using the coumarin dimer group, they are photo cleaved with shortwave UV light to break the thermoset down into liquid or soluble solid fragments. This facilitates the removal of the typically intractable thermoset, and exposing it to long wave UV light will re-cure the resin through reformation of the dimer groups.



•       This invention replaces current epoxy thermosets on the market.


•       Low cost

•       Re-shapeable

•       Easier removal process


Licensing Manager: 

Bob Sleeper