Error Correction System and Method

Technology #ua17-114

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Mohamad Moussa
Graduate student, Math
Marek Rychlik
Professor, Mathmatics
Managed By
John Geikler
Asst. Director, Physical Science Licensing (520) 626-4605

Title: Error Correction System and Method


Invention: This invention provides a method for an orders of magnitude improvement in array failure rate over the current industry standard of RAID 6 while also providing significant improvements in speed and storage space. Applications include data storage such as disk drives as well as data transmission systems.


Background: Fault tolerant data storage systems, such as those used in data centers, rely on redundant array of independent disks (RAID) technology to significantly reduce the impact of errors. Given the ever increasing storage density of disk drives and potential increase in errors rates, the current RAID 6 standard is expected to be obsolete by 2019, meaning an improved approach to RAID is critical.



  • Massive data storage solutions such as data centers and cloud providers
  • Large data storage of enterprise level data such as medical data and financial records
  • Large, single user work station storage like those required for video editing
  • Correcting for errors in signal transmission such as telecommunications


  • Orders of magnitude improvement in failure rate
  • Greater speed
  • Reduced storage overhead


Licensing Manager:

John Geikler

(520) 626-4605