Photochemically Stable, Non-Leaching, Based Nanoparticle Sunscreens From Epoxide-Based Silane Coupling Agents and Naturally Occurring UV Absorbing Chromophores

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Peter Mcfadden
Graduate student, CBC
Douglas Loy
Professor, 20 Materials Science & Engineering
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Robert Sleeper
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Title: Photochemically Stable, Non-leaching, Based Nanoparticles Sunscreens from Epoxide-Based Silane Coupling Agents and Naturally Occurring UV Absorbing Chromophore


Invention: The invention is a nanoparticle sunscreen with photo stability and reduced chemical exposure. The sunscreen is created by sol-gel or emulsion polymerization of monomers with trialkoxysilyl or methyldiethoxysilyl groups with tetraalkoxysilane or organotrialkoxysilane comonomers.


Background: The market for sun care products is expected to reach $11.1 billion by 2020 in the United States. With the awareness of the harmful effects of UV growing, consumers are likely to spend more money on sun care products. The focus of this research is to develop natural and organic ingredients for more effective formulations.



  • Skin care consumer products
  • Sunscreen manufacturing
  • Dermatology clinics



  • Reduces exposure to chemicals, fitting the demand for safer sun care products
  • Improves stability, meeting the demand for more effective products


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Paul Eynott

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