Phonon Based Room Temperature Quantum Computer

Technology #ua17-138

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Keith Runge
Director of Research, Materials Science & Engineering
Pierre Deymier
Department Head, Materials Science & Engineering
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Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604

Title: Quantum-Analogue Computer


Invention: The invention includes arrays of elastically coupled ambient temperature elastic wave qubit analogues, which are stable and decoherence free, offering a new solution for quantum computing using materials-based and phonon-based quantum analogues.


Background: In short, quantum computing means the bits can either be a one, a zero, or both. Current quantum bit platforms are based on quantum particles that lose their superposition of states in a noisy environment. The technology presented here represents a new undertaking to develop a quantum computer.



  • Quantum computing
  • National defense and security systems



  • Increases the stability of quantum bits


Licensing Manager:

Bob Sleeper

(520) 626-4604