Long-Range Hyper-Temporal Acoustic Imaging

Technology #ua17-151

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Zachary Watson
Graduate student, Steward
Michael Hart
Astronomer, Steward Observatory
Managed By
Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579

Title: Range hyper-temporal acoustic imaging 


Invention: The invention is an apparatus for remotely sensing an object using polarization characteristics of light received from the object to determine acoustic information regarding the object. 


Background: Current methods of free-space optical communication are limited by the atmospheric degradation of operational distance, resolution from detectors, and intensity fluctuations associated with noise. 




* Remote Sensing

* Free space optical communication

* Audio capture




* Can identify the object, determine the state of operation of the object, and determine functions of the object

* Can use a wide variety of light sources including solar reflections and artificial light



Licensing Manager:

Amy Phillips;  AmyP@tla.arizona.edu 

Refer to case number UA17-151