Reinforced Chalcogenide Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Polymers (Chips) Composites With Isorefractive Fillers

Technology #ua17-158

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Dong-Chul (Jeffrey) Pyun
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Robert Norwood
Professor, Optical Sciences
Managed By
Paul Eynott
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-2878

Title: Reinforced Chalcogenide Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Polymers (CHIPs) Composites with Isorefractive Fillers


Invention: This is a new method to make polymers that possess excellent optical properties with improved mechanical properties. This technology is an improvement to the inventors' existing technology with the goal of producing high sulfur/selenium content polymers. 


Background: Nearly seven million tons of elemental sulfur are generated as a waste byproduct. Current industrial utilization of elemental sulfur is centered around sulfuric acid, agrochemicals, and vulcanization of rubber. While sulfur feedstocks are plentiful, sulfur is still quite difficult to process. Because of this, there is a need for the production of new materials that offer significant public and environmental health benefits to lessen the storage of excess sulfur in powder or brick form. This new invention results in polymers with superior optical and mechanical properties have many applications.



  • IR thermal imaging
  • Special lenses
  • Portable consumer devices (e.g. personal electronics, cameras, electronic cigarettes, hand-held game consoles, and flashlights)



  • Easily adjusts the process to produce polymers with desirable refractive index
  • Has excellent optical properties
  • Retains high optical transparency
  • Improves mechanical properties of the previously describes high sulfur/selenium polymers


Licensing Manager:

Paul Eynott

(520) 471-3612