Broadband Infrared Microscope Objectives

Technology #ua17-162

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Weichuan Gao
Graduate Student, Optiacl sciences
Young-sik Kim
Assistant Research Professor, Optical Sciences
Managed By
Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579

Title: Broadband Infrared Microscope Objectives


Invention: This technology is a design for an objective lens that can be used for infrared microscopes to minimize chromatic aberrations, specifically chromatic change of focus and magnification. Although this design broadens the high-resolution, high NA spectral bandwidth in any wavelength region, it also extends the spectral band into the infrared. One design in particular uses as few as six elements, one material, and has a spectral bandwidth from 2 microns to 12 microns.


Background: Chromatic change of focus and magnification are among the most difficult aberrations to solve when it comes to the design of microscope objectives. Competitor products are unable to utilize one lens viewing from short-wave to long-wave, which means an end user must purchase several lenses and switch from one to another to cover a broad wavelength range. In addition, current technologies utilize low dispersion glass for reducing aberrations, leading to high-cost products. There is a need to provide a broader wavelength range in one objective lens that is a less expensive and more versatile product.



  • IR Microscopes
  • High NA objective lenses
  • Chemical identification of particles
  • Analysis of different components in complex mixture



  • Requires fewer elements
  • Less expensive to manufacture
  • All-in-one SWIR and LWIR lens


Licensing Manager:

Amy Phillips

Refer to case number UA17-162