Pellet Dispenser for Small Laboratory Animal Cages

Technology #ua17-163

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Jonathan Lifshitz
Associate professor, Child Health
Bret Tallent
UA Associate, Child health
Addison Wessel
High school student volunteer, CHild Health Phx
Loren Matthew Law
UA Associate
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Kaitlyn Norman

Title: Pellet Dispenser for Small Laboratory Animal Cages


Invention: This invention is a timed pellet feeder designed to deliver drug pellets inside a cage. It is comprised of an ejector controlled by a timing module connected to a computer, a pellet hopper, and a feedback unit.


Background: Route administration is one of the main challenges in evaluating pharmacological agents for therapeutic efficacy. Traditional methods require administering compounds intra-peritoneally in small animals. Unfortunately, repeated injection can cause stress, callusing at the injection site and increased resources for this manual labor. The invention presented here solves this issue by scheduling oral delivery of drug pellet administration.



  • Animal models
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals



  • Reduces research costs
  • Improves translational validity by simulating prescription schedules and oral administration
  • Feedback system can alert for errors


Licensing Manager:

Kaitlyn Norman-Powers

(520) 621-9907