Space Deployable Spectrometer With Large Collection Area

Technology #ua17-171

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Lee Johnson
Graduate student, Optical Science
Daniel Apai
Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences, 26 Astronomy
Thomas Milster
Professor, Optical Sciences
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Amy Phillips
Sr. Licensing Manager (520) 621-9579

Title: Space Deployable Telescope and Spectrometer with Large Collection Area


Invention: This invention is a highly scalable optical design that will allow the construction of deployable space telescopes with collecting areas that are an order of magnitude greater than the current state-of-the-art and with greatly reduced production and launch costs. The design includes a novel spectrometer capable of surveying transiting earth-sized exoplanets for atmospheric bio-signatures. The technology can fundamentally impact space-borne remote sensing, earth observations, and astronomy.


Background: Current state of the art space telescopes are designed with either refractive and/or reflective optical mirrors and lenses. Space telescopes have high manufacturing and launch costs while weighing an average of several tons. There is a need for much lighter weight and less expensive deployable space telescopes that perform equally to the conventional refractive and reflective systems.



  • Astrophysical studies
  • Earth observing systems
  • Telescope array for single or multiple targets



  • Highly scalable
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Lower launch costs
  • Tolerance to misalignments


Licensing Manager:

Amy Phillips