Reproduction of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Urban Environment

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Pierre Alexandre Blanche
Associate Research Professor, Optical Sciences
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Amy Phillips
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Title:  Reproduction of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Urban Environments


Invention:  Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed a reduced-dimension methodology, wherein both the model of the object and the wavelength of the interrogating EM beam are reduced by the same factor, allowing the use of optical frequency based measurements.


Background:  Conventionally, radio frequency based measurements are used for analyzing electromagnetic (EM) properties such as radar cross section of an object or the propagation  of EM waves in an urban environment to optimize the placement of a cell phone tower antenna, but for large objects or complex structures, this can be very expensive or even impractical.  Although computer simulations are helpful, they can take too much time and may produce computational artifacts.  One way to reduce the time and effort is to make scaled down models and use terahertz frequencies for the measurements.  But the scale-down is not all that beneficial for truly large and complex areas.



•       Rapid RCS modeling of large complex objects

•       Aircraft, ships, spacecraft

•       Antenna placement in urban environments


•       Fast turnaround

•       Inexpensive, yet accurate



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