Compositions and Methods for Detecting Complicated Sarcoidosis

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Wei Zhang
Tong Zhou
Research Assistant Professor, Medicine
Joe g.n. Garcia
Professor, Medicine
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Rakhi Gibbons
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Title: Compositions and Methods for Detecting Complicated Sarcoidosis


Invention: The invention is a novel biomarker capable of identifying complicated sarcoidosis, as well as patients at risk for increased morbidity due to sarcoidosis.


Background: Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease involving abnormal collections of cells that form lumps and typically begins in the lungs. Genetic and non-genetic factors affect disease risk, and currently there is a need for proper assessment of sarcoidosis because identification remains a challenge. Current methods are invasive because they involve surgical biopsies of the diseased area. This invention addresses the need for a proper non-invasive method to identify complicated or uncomplicated sarcoidosis in patients.



  • Diagnosis of sarcoidosis



  • Molecular 20 gene signature


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Rakhi Gibbons

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