Particulate and Film Polymeric Dihydropyridazines as Sunscreens With Inherent Antioxidant Properties

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Douglas Loy
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Wenmo Sun
Graduate assistant, 26 Chemistry & Biochemistry
Robb Bagge
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Nanayakkarawasan Pallage Nanayakkara
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Title: Particulate and Film Polymeric Dihydropyridazines as Sunscreens with Inherent Antioxidant Properties


Invention: This invention is a polymeric sunscreen that can be applied either as a film or as particles to be suspended in either water or oil.


Background: Both UVB and UVA wavelengths penetrate the atmosphere, inducing skin cancers, eye damage and aging if not properly protected or treated. Common commercial sunscreens can block around 93% of UVB and UVA rays, depending on brand. Through the utilization of alkenes, this invention improves upon common commercial sunscreens by absorbing up to 400nm of UV rays.



  • Sunscreen
  • Thin film coating on surfaces



  • Protects skin and hair from UV rays
  • Protects paints, plastics, woods or other UV sensitive surfaces
  • Antioxidant characteristics extend lifetime of material
  • Fluorescence can be used to determine if screen is functioning


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Paul Eynott

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