Dust Control System Using Biocompatible Polymer

Technology #ua17-240

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Minkyu Kim
Assistant Professor, 20 Materials Science & Engineering
Kwangmin Kim
Assistant Professor, Mining and Geological Engineering
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Robert Sleeper
Licensing Manager (520) 626-4604

Tech ID: UA17-240


Title: Mine Tailings Dust Control System Using Biocompatible Polymer


Invention: The innovative dust control system utilizes commercially available, cost-effective biocompatible polymers to prolong wettability of beach tailings and contribute to improve Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) management system/stability.


Background: Conventional dust control methods include implementing a truck-mounted depressant spray system or covering the slope/dike with borrow soils. However, contemporary TSF dust control systems pose health risks to residents living nearby, have high rates of water consumption, cause environmental contamination, and are ineffective at controlling dust from dried zones of the tailing’s beach surface because of accessibility and scale issues. 



•       TSF and general dust control management within mining industry and general purpose use.


•       Cost-effective biocompatible material

•       Reduction of water consumption by prolonged wettability

•       Decrease in health risks for nearby residents

•       Easy implementation in current discharging system



Licensing Manager: 

Bob Sleeper