Carbohydrate-Based Surfactants and Methods of Production

Technology #ua17-255

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Jeanne Pemberton
Regents' Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Robin Polt
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Raina Maier
Professor, Soil, Water & Environmental Science
Ricardo Pacheco
Graduate Student, CBC
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Tod Mccauley

Title: Carbohydrate-based Surfactants and Methods of Production


Invention: This invention is a method to produce carbohydrate-based surfactants with repeated succession using a glycosylation promotor.


Background: Current amphiphilic molecules, surfactants, emulsifiers, cleaning products and food additives are mostly made from synthetic surfactants. Commonly these surfactants are prepared from petroleum-based materials which are non-renewable and very expensive. This invention solves this problems by synthesizing naturally occurring bio surfactants on a large scale.



  • Food emulsifiers
  • Agriculture dilution and dispersion of fertilizers/pesticides
  • Pharmaceutical industry



  • Does not require extraction and purification of microorganisms
  • Allows for production of single congeners
  • Cost effective
  • High yielding


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Tod McCauley

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