Borehole Diffusive Flux Apparatus

Technology #ua18-027

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Jon Mainhagu
Research Asscoiate, Soil, Water and Environmental Science
Zhilin Guo
Sr. Research Specialist, SWES
Kenneth Carroll
Research Associate, Soil Water Environmental Science
Mark Brusseau
Professor, Soil, Water & Environmental Science
Managed By
Tod Mccauley

Title: Borehole Diffusive Flux Apparatus


Invention: This invention characterizes contaminant plumes.


Background: Removing contaminants from groundwater involves significant time and cost because contaminants spread in a plume through general water movement and specific contaminant diffusion. Mixtures of soils with different permeabilities can lead to back-diffusion complications, as contaminants travel from areas of untreated low-permeability to high-permeability soil already treated. Such information allows for remediation strategy planning most applicable to local conditions.



  • Groundwater remediation



  • Clear characterization of local contaminated site condition changes
  • Better understanding of permeability differences and diffusive flux
  • Real-time and continuous data tracks trends and progressions
  • Variety of testing techniques available through access to sampling point
  • Expands on current borehole testing processes to minimize remediation uncertainty

Licensing Manager:

Tod McCauley

(520) 626-7916