Axial Dispersion Bioreactor (Adbr) for Production of Microalgae and Other Microorganisms

Technology #ua18-098

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Joel Cuello
Professor, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Yaser Mehdipour
Staff Technician, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Andres Mayol
Visiting Research Specialist, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Shiwei He
Graduate Assistant, Teaching, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Chen Han Shih
Graduate Student, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Managed By
Tod Mccauley

Title: Axial Dispersion Reactor (ADBR) for Production of Microalgae and Other Microorganisms


Invention: This technology is an original bioreactor capable of cultivating microorganisms (algae, bacteria, fungi, etc.) and cell cultures (plant, animal, insect, etc.) for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food markets.


Background: Currently, a variety of bioreactors suffer from the inability to provide a low shear-environment with superior mixing and efficient gas mass transfer within a medium.



  • Pharmaceutical/Medical applications where cell cultures can help produce new medicine or create cell cultures
  • Food (ex. algae is a potential food source)
  • Energy (ex. algae used as a potential biofuel)



  • Provides a regulated or low shear culture environment
  • Exhibits superior liquid mixing
  • Efficient gas mass transfer
  • Transparent walls for photoautotrophic/mixotrophic production
  • Transparent or non-transparent walls and sterile environment for heterotrophic production


Licensing Manager:

Tod McCauley

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