Silicone Waveguide For Solar Applications With High Concentration

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Title: Silicone waveguide for solar applications with high concentration


Invention: Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed low-cost silicone-based optical light guides configured to concentrate sunlight onto photovoltaic cells with above 90% optical efficiency.  The fabrication is inexpensive, affords flexibility, and ease of assembly. Integration of multiple light guides enjoys relaxed alignment tolerances compared to glass.


Background: In solar applications, waveguides and/or lightguides are often used to redirect and spatially concentrate the sunlight onto photovoltaic cell (PV-cells). Glass lightguides can be utilized, but can be expensive and complex to fabricate, expecially when small geometrical features are required.  Assembly of a plurality of glass-based lightguides into a full system is also tedious and complicated.  Polymeric materials can address some of these issues, are well known to have a relatively high level of absorbance in the UV and NIR regions of the solar spectrum, when high transmittance is needed.



• Solar Applications



• Transparent in the 300-1700nm region

• UV resistant

• Design flexibility

• Reduces the cost of manufacturing/mass production

• High transmission throughout the solar spectrum

• Improved tolerance to misalignment while maintaining over 90% optical efficiency


Licensing Manager: Amy Phillips

Refer to case number UA19-041


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