Chalcogenide Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Polymers (Chips) Using Cyclic Olefinic Comonomers

Technology #ua19-075

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Meghan O'Brien Hamilton
Graduate Assistant, Research, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dennis Lichtenberger
Professor, 26 Chemistry & Biochemistry
Richard Glass
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Tristan Kleine
Graduate student, Chemistry
Robert Norwood
Professor, Optical Sciences
Dong-Chul (Jeffrey) Pyun
Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Laura Silva

Title: Novel Polymers for Mid- and Long-Wave Infrared Imaging


Invention:  New polymer compositions that are transmissive for mid-wave infrared (3-5 microns) and long-wave infrared (8-12 microns) sensing and imaging.


Background: Infrared imaging conventionally uses expensive inorganic transmissive materials for lenses, such as chalcogenide glass and amorphous germanium, which require cutting and polishing.  This inventive polymer-based transmissive medium can be formed using scalable, inexpensive polymer production processes.




• Electronics

• Optics



• Inexpensive

• Useful for mid- or long-wave IR applications

Licensing Manager:

Laura Silva