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Cell Cycle Nucleic Acids, Polypeptides and Uses Thereof - Wee1
This invention improves transformation frequency by changing levels of protein expression in the target cells, altering the cell cycle, specifically by modulating the activity of a gene known as RB3 which influences the cell's progression from G1 to S phase in the cell cycle. Overexpression of RB3 can be induced through existing methods of transient...
Published: 4/3/2023   |   Inventor(s): Paolo Sabelli, Yan Liu, Chunsheng Zhang, William Gordon-Kamm, Keith Lowe, Matthew Bailey, Xun Wang, Carolyn Gregory, George Hoerster, John Mcelver, Shane Abbitt, Benjamin Bowen, Brian Larkins, Brian Dilkes, Ricardo Dante, Yeujin Sun
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Agriculture & Horticulture, Technology Classifications > Life Sciences, Technology Classifications > Agriculture & Horticulture > Crop Improvement, Technology Classifications > Life Sciences > Therapeutics