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Specific 17-Beta-Hydroxywithanolides Sensitize Cancer Cells to Apoptosis in Response to Toll-like Receptor (TLR)
This invention describes the use of physachenolide C for cancer treatment through cancer cell apoptosis (cell self-destruction) through extrinsic pathways of “death ligand” proteins. Physachenolide C is a natural product in which the 17-beta-hydroxy group and orientation of the molecule chain result in improved apoptosis sensitivity, with...
Published: 2/21/2024   |   Inventor(s): Leslie Gunatilaka, Yaming Xu, Kithsiri Wijeratne, Thomas Sayers, Poonam Tewary, Alan Brooks, Curtis Henrich, James McMahon
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Agriculture & Horticulture, Technology Classifications > Healthcare Portfolios > Oncology