A Modular Running Shoe with Individually Optimized Replaceable Heel

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This technology relates to footwear featuring replaceable sole portions. Through replaceable soles the technology can increase the lifetime of shoes and allow for optimization of shock absorption based upon a specific individual. 



Soles on running shoes have a two major flaws. They only have a specific lifetime as the soles can wear out based upon the amount of use undergone. Runners typically have to change shoes as tread wears and causes a decay in performance. Also, shoes are mass produced and their performance, especially in terms of shock absorption, is not likely to be idea for specific individuals.


This technology overcomes the pitfalls of current solutions to optimize the soles for shock absorption and increase the lifespan of shoes through replaceable soles. 



  • Cross country runners
  • Long distance runners
  • Marathon runners
  • Orthopedic therapeutic shoes
  • Work shoes for people on their feet all day


  • Long term cost effectiveness
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Tailored to fit specific individual needs
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Samy Missoum