Aerobic and Cognitive Training System

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This invention is a portable system that allows individuals to exercise on aerobic equipment while taking a series of tasks to enhance cognitive function.



  • One application for the invention would be as a cognitive enhancer in aging persons. This path is elucidated in the disclosure.
  • A potential preventative treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. There is already evidence that physical exercise plays a role against Alzheimer’s (Radak, et. al). There is potential that adding cognitive exercises will have a positive effect.
  • Evidence also exists to support the sole use of physical exercise as a treatment to stay brain aging (Ahlskog, et. al). Again, adding cognitive exercises may bestow positive effects.  



  • Lack of drugs equates to no unwanted side effects
  • Implementation is simpler than a pharmacological therapeutic
  • Can be used as a preventative measure as well as a therapeutic measure
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Jay Martin
Licensing Associate, Software and Copyright
The University of Arizona
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Gene Alexander
David Raichlen