Bifacial Spectrum Splitting Photovoltaic Module

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This invention is a system that combines different methods of increasing photovoltaic energy output and overall efficiency. Each of the methods increase the output and when combined have the potential to significantly increase the output and module efficiency (up to 55.78% estimated increased energy yields compared to the standard common PV cells) without significantly increasing the manufacturing costs. The increased energy yields could lead to systems with lower LCOE (levelized cost of energy).



Renewable energies address the rising concerns about the sustainability of fossil fuels as the world’s main energy source. Solar energy is widely available, creating high potential for the implementation of photovoltaic solar energy conversion systems. However, the cost per watt ($/W) and cost per kilowatt-hour ($/kW-hr) performance of photovoltaic solar energy conversion is still poor compared to that available from fossil fuels and even other renewable energy sources. In order to make photovoltaic solar conversion systems more competitive the conversion efficiency must increase without significant increase to the system cost or decrease the cost of system.



  • Cost efficient photovoltaic conversion
  • Commercial solar production
  • Residential solar production
  • Solar farms
  • Use of solar panels in normally low energy yield areas


  • Increased energy output
  • Potential better $/watt metrics
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Richard Weite
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Raymond Kostuk
Benjamin Chrysler
Xuesen Tan