Clinical ECG Parameters from a Bioengineered Human Cardiac Tissue

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This technology consists of a bioengineered cardiac tissue that exhibits electrocardiogram parameters and can be used in screening cardiotoxicity and proarrhythmic potential.


Currently, pharmaceutical compounds must be screened for cardiotoxicity using in vitro testing and animal models. However, current cell-based methods rely on cell sheets or cell monolayers and predominately focus on one protein or ion channel and do not provide a holistic view of effects on the heart. This technology provides an engineered human cardiac tissue that has clinical parameters that can be used for a more accurate assessment of cardiotoxicity of preclinical drug compounds.



  • Drug testing
  • Cardiotoxicity testing



  • Allows for measurement of electrocardiogram activity
  • Allows for collection of QT interval data
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Tod McCauley
Assistant Director of Licensing, CALS
The University of Arizona
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Ikeotunye Chinyere
Jordan Lancaster
Jennifer Koevary
Steven Goldman