Color Imaging Based on Computational Imaging and Narrow Band Absorption Color Filter Array

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Researchers at the University of Arizona have created a novel color filter array (CFA) that allows much more light to reach a detector than conventional CFAs. The novel arrangement of filters with respect to wavelength cutoffs allows for crisp digital imaging with half the ambient light level required by currently known CFAs. The advantage is especially beneficial for digital cameras, including phone cameras, in low light level environments.



Digital color imaging devices are used in millions of devices from smart phones to digital cameras, but conventional devices suffer from poor low-light performance. Standard CFAs only transmit a small fraction of incoming light to the detector. There is a need for CFAs that can operate in low-light conditions with good performance in both color and brightness.



  • Smart phone cameras
  • Professional and consumer grade digital cameras
  • Automotive digital imaging


  • Transmits twice as much light as a traditional Bayer filter array
  • Improved low-light performance
  • Simple, low-cost design

Status: issued U.S. patent #9,823,128

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Richard Weite
Senior Licensing Manager, College of Optical Sciences
The University of Arizona
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Stanley Pau
Amit Ashok