Dihydropyridazine Antioxidant Sunscreen that Signals Depletion with Bleaching of Fluorescence

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This invention is a UVA and UVB absorbent with dihydropyridazine purposed to act as a sunscreen antioxidant.


Commercial sunscreens, which aim to prevent the development of skin cancers and melanoma, compete to minimize UV damage while allowing user to apply on either dry or wet skin. Unfortunately, it is difficult to effectively gauge whether the sunscreen's formula has been depleted on the skin. This invention addresses this issue of depletion via photo bleaching of visible fluorescence.



  • Sunscreen products
  • UV blocking agents for polymers or paints 


  • Colorless
  • Use of silane monomers, which make protective coatings

Status: issued U.S. patent #11,325,925

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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Douglas Loy
Robb Bagge