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"Earthlight" is an Emmy Award-winning documentary that examines and chronicles the technological advancements behind designing sustainable food sources for use in space missions and here on Earth.

"Earthlight" explores the innovations accomplished at The University of Arizona to solve the problems of growing sustainable food in harsh environments. It explains not only how the technologies are important for the establishment of a moon or Mars base and how they will fit in the context of future space missions, but also how the technologies can help secure the long-term sustainability of Earth’s own food supply.

Earth’s population is projected to reach 10 billion by 2050. As Earth’s population continues to rise, it will become more of a challenge to provide enough food to feed the entire population. Furthermore, climate change poses a real threat to the long term viability of Earth’s food sources. By the year 2100, crop yields are predicted to drop by over one third due to the impact of climate change.

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