Entangled Quantum Sensor Network Enhanced By Practical Quantum Repeaters

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This invention is entangled quantum sensor architecture enhanced by near-term implementable quantum repeaters. The architecture is comprised of entangled sensor nodes that work collectively to enhance the sensitivity of capturing features of an object under investigation.



Early in the development of quantum mechanics, a paradox was noted by Einstein and others that particular properties of light and particles would appear to travel faster than the speed of light during measurement. For example, conservation of quantum properties requires that two indistinguishable particles created together will be in opposite states (electrons in “spin up” or “spin down”). However, the state of a particular particle is not known until measured and the paradox is that the other unmeasured particle has the opposite state to the measured particle. Therefore, by measuring one particle, properties of the other particle are simultaneously known (the paradox is how the other particle “knew” the state of the first particle).


Quantum key distribution uses this quantum “entanglement” of properties to provide security at each end of a transmission channel. There would be no way to know the particular “key” until a measurement occurs which would set the state at the other end of the channel. However, attenuation losses in the transmission channel limit the distances over which this quantum communication can occur. Therefore, researchers are investigating means to reduce losses, improve signal strength, or both. Errors from drop-outs are common and problematic.



  • Quantum communication
  • Cybersecurity


  • Practical and achievable because it leverages existing demonstrated technology
  • Likely to improve performance of quantum key distribution systems
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Brett Mortenson
Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Zheshen Zhang
Yi Xia
Quntao Zhuang
William Clark