Hardware Platform Enabling the Instruction Of Analog Signal Processing Techniques At The Collegiate Level

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The proposed technology is an analytical kit for perform analytical chemistry course experiments. This kit is an all-inclusive curriculum platform including compact, integrated hardware with signal processing, data recording, and experimental guide.



Currently, a large amount of time is used for experimental set-up which is not required for demonstrating principles in higher education analytical chemistry laboratory classes. Further complicating the educational experience, students entering a higher-level chemistry class may arrive at various knowledge levels. This technology allows students with differing backgrounds to use the same experimental hardware and software to quickly proceed to experiment, observe, record data, and report on their experiments. It also allows professors to spend less time on instruction of laboratory hardware that is not necessary to educate the students in the underlying scientific principles of the laboratory unit.



  • Analytical chemistry laboratory classes.
  • Educational chemistry demonstrations.
  • Bench chemistry research.



  • Streamlines instruction, reducing unnecessary steps for students and instructors
  • Compact, easy to use hardware
  • Eliminates instructional challenges due to varying student backgrounds
  • Integrated hardware, software, curriculum materials
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Laura Silva
Sr. Licensing Manager, COS
The University of Arizona
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Michael Heien
Drew Farrell