High-Quality Integrated Squeezed-Light Sources based on SiO2 Wet Etching

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This technology is a method of creating components that generate light in a squeezed state. It builds upon standard microfabrication techniques to create on-chip sources of squeezed light.

Squeezed light is light that is in a special state that reduces its quantum uncertainty. This squeezing process is useful because it has been shown to allow for improved precision in measurement of the light. This, in turn, can improve the usefulness of devices built upon the technology. For example, squeezed light has been shown to improve the precision of laser interferometers, and is considered a way to make photonic quantum computers more effective. 

While various techniques for generating squeezed light have been demonstrated, there is still a need for high-quality squeezed light that can be compact and self-contained. This technology fits that need, while still making use of standard fabrication techniques.


  • Quantum computing
  • Laser interferometers
  • Gravitational wave detectors
  • Radiometry
  • Other high-precision measurement applications


  • Self-contained / integrated
  • Makes use of standard microfabrication techniques
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Zheshen Zhang
Shuai Liu