Incoherent Light Sources-Based Low Probability of Detection and Covert Radars over Atmospheric Turbulence Channels

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This technology is a low probability of detection (LPD) /covert radar concept that employs incoherent, broadband light sources. The main idea is to hide the radar signal in solar radiation while employing constant amplitude modulation schemes at high-speed to detect the presence of the target via cross-correlation method.

The technology has been tested in a practical scenario through an outdoor free-space optical (FSO) testbed developed at the University of Arizona campus, enhancing its feasibility with real-world applications. The implementation of adaptive optics has been introduced to counteract the negative impacts of atmospheric turbulence, thereby improving the reliability and accuracy of the LPD/covert radar system in diverse environmental conditions such as those found in desert climates.

This technology increases the security in free-space optical transmission, reduces the probability of interception of the technology, and is applicable to various defense applications including radars, communication in contested environment, and hypersonic communications, to mention few. The addition of adaptive optics to the system represents a significant advancement in countering atmospheric turbulence effects, which are particularly challenging in free-space optical channels. This makes the technology not only robust in securely detecting targets but also versatile in its application across different geographic and climatic conditions.


  • Military defense
  • Aerospace and satellite communication
  • Banking, financial services and insurance
  • Mobile telecommunications
  • Internet services


  • Greater speed of communication
  • Decreased data loss 
  • Low probability of communication intercept
  • Increased data transmission efficiency
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Tariq Ahmed
Sr Licensing Manager, College of Engineering
The University of Arizona
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Ivan Djordjevic
Vijay Nafria